Dear Parents,

It seems cliche to say that this school year has absolutely flown by. However, it is now May and we only have one month left of the 2017-2018 school year. The end of the school year is truly “bittersweet” for all of us. Summer is exciting, but we know that we will miss the faces we have grown accustomed to seeing every day! I cannot tell you enough how grateful I am for all of the special gifts this school year has brought…so, I would like to say the following…

THANK YOU to our wonderful students. They have worked so hard to reach their full potential. Being a learner in today’s world presents a new set of challenges. Not only do they have to learn, they must be able to apply what they know…explain what they know…and restate what they know if a variety of different ways. They have come so far, and now is the time to celebrate all that they have accomplished. Perhaps most importantly, we thank them for what THEY teach US everyday. The way they help each other, and take care of each other, inspires us all.

THANK YOU to our committed and caring staff. Not a day goes by that I am not impressed by the family of teachers and support staff that I work with. Going the extra mile to reach kids, and to help each other, seems to be the RULE rather than the exception. This time of year brings all sorts of fun activities, but it also takes an extra effort in planning. Every person in this building goes out of his/her way to make it special and somehow still doing it with the same amount of energy that I see in August! I feel so fortunate to work with a group of adults who put students first, everyday.

THANK YOU TO OUR PARENTS for sharing the gift of your children with us this school year. We wish you a safe and happy summer and look forward to seeing you in the fall. Please note the upcoming dates and give us a call or stop in if you have any questions.

Remember: Students+Parents+Teachers=SUCCESS!!!

Mrs. Jennifer M. Howard