Dear Families,


With the arrival of February comes the end of Semester 1 and the beginning of the final Semester. Students brought their report cards home and I encourage all parents/guardians to take some time to discuss the report card with their child(ren). It is important to allow your child to celebrate the areas that they feel they have shown improvement and to develop a plan to monitor their work – an essential component to creating life-long learners.

2nd semester is upon us and it is a good time to remind everyone about the importance of good attendance at school and being ready to learn. Being in school every day means your child won’t miss out on learning. If your child asks to stay home “just because”, remind him/her of what they will miss, such as reading group or art class. Explain that he/she can only be absent if they are sick or if there’s a family emergency. Thank you for your support in helping your student achieve good attendance at school!

As the month of February continues forth, take a moment to reflect on Black History month with your children. Discuss important black individuals in American history. Spend time with your children learning more about the accomplishments and contributions of these individuals throughout time. Remind them them the importance of standing for justice and the importance of valuing each and every person.

Don’t forget to come visit us. We’d love to have you visit or volunteer. Please remember only approved volunteers may participate. If you have not been approved please stop by our office and pick up the forms you need in order to serve.

Rafting Creek Elementary School is dedicated to serving its students and families. Please do not hesitate to call or stop by if we can be of service.

Remember: Students+Parents+Teachers=SUCCESS!!!


Mrs. Jennifer M. Howard

Congratulations to Mrs. Lesley Casey, 2019-2020 RCES Teacher of the Year!!!